Lion Inc.Assembly

Case: Customer must assemble cap to strut body every 24 seconds continuously with validation of components to be assembled based on recipe supplied by MES.

Solution: Design a standalone assembly machine with a Kistler servo press to install caps with a high rate of repeatability.

Process: The operator picks and installs a clamp ring and a dust boot to the damper body and places the damper body into the press. Here it is scanned by a camera to validate the part type selected for build by the MES as well as get the parts serial number for the quality data to be stored back to the MES data base. Once MES validates this operation, the process can continue. In the mean time, the operator picks and installs the striker cap to the press tooling where it positively locates based on tooling design and a magnetic attachment and validated with an optical sensor. When the operator clears the light curtains and hits the joystick, the machine presses the striker cap to the damper body using the 60KN Kistler Servo Press which is configured to check the force and distance curve continuously throughout the press operation.


Lion builds custom assembly equipment that may be stand alone like in the case shown, or integrated into an assembly line using robots or hard automation. We do this with great care to supply equipment that complies with budgets, and customer capabilities as well as core requirements.