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Machine Vision Systems replace manual inspection in manufacturing processes with extremely precise, high speed electronic equipment. These systems are able to automatically extract highly detailed information from digital images, which can then be used for many manufacturing and production applications:

  • Part validation
  • Defection detection
  • Manufacturing processes validation
  • Quality testing
  • Part Locating

Machine vision systems can often inspect hundreds of manufactured units for flaws in the time it would take a human to scrutinize a single unit. These systems deliver unsurpassed manufacturing accuracy and productivity.

Lion Inc.’s experienced team implements vision systems using the leading products:

  • Matrox
  • Banner
  • Cognex
  • Keyence

Machine vision lowers costs while increasing productivity. Lion has the experience and expertise to help you explore how the technology can be applied to your business.


Whether you are modifying existing equipment or installing new, you need an integrator who understands your process and requirements, develops based on these, and delivers as promised.

Lion Inc.’s experienced team implements PLC systems using the leading products:

  • Rockwell:
  • SLC-5/0X
  • ControlLogix /CompactLogix
  • MicroLogix
  • PLC5
  • Remote I/O, DH+, DH485, Ethernet, Control-Net, DeviceNet
  • Siemens:
  • MicroWin on the S7-200 Series
  • Step-7 on the S7-300 & S7-400 Series
  • Profibus


When you pick up a hammer or a wrench you know automatically how to put that tool to use. The function of the tool is obvious and intuitive. As manufacturing processes become more complex, humans interact more with computer systems than with hammers and wrenches. Unfortunately, unlike those tools, the shape and controls of a system do not communicate its function or manner of operation. A good HMI makes the task of interfacing with technology intuitive. A poor HMI will often lead to rejection of the system by end users regardless of any other considerations.

Lion Inc.’s HMI experts understand that the usability of our products depends on the unique requirements of each client. Our superior HMI designs are the result of strict attention to our clients’ individual goals and intentions, combined with years of experience and some of the best HMI designers in the industry. Our custom HMI solutions can increase the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction of all your manufacturing solutions.

Lion Inc. can use the following to provide simple data logging or complete system control:

  • Allen Bradley
  • Total Control
  • Siemens
  • Wonderware
  • Net


Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems monitor and control industrial, infrastructure, or facility-based processes. Whether to provide real-time information to plant managers enabling them to quickly identify manufacturing bottlenecks or to show strict quality compliance, the potential uses for SCADA systems are endless. However, poorly designed systems often show disappointing returns, especially when system designers have failed to fully understand current and future production needs.

Whether your company needs a new turnkey SCADA system with flexibility to grow with your business, or your installed system is inadequate, Lion Inc. has the experience and expertise to evaluate your business needs and deliver a solution that will give you the information and control you need to minimize process costs and maximize profits.

  • Embedded C/C++
  • RSView
  • Net
  • Microsoft Access
  • SQL Server
  • LabView
  • RSView
  • Wonderware
  • WinCC
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Bar code


Keeping track of the flow of materials on and around your assembly line is critical to being competitive in today’s fast moving economy. Lion Inc. can build you a parts tracking solution that will ensure that the correct components are on your line when and where they are needed while collecting the information you need to make timely production and quality decisions.

Bar code and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology in manufacturing improves the efficiency of your processes by automating inventory checks and asset and supply chain tracking. These solutions are cost-effective, very flexible, and can be integrated with production materials and assembly line tooling. Using these technologies Lion Inc. can design and build a system that provides a real-time accounting of your parts inventory and component flow with full traceability back through the entire manufacturing process. With a system like this, your company can access and easily identify where and when a production or quality problem occurred, down to the machine and operator that made the part.

The benefits of a parts tracking solution will be immediately realized in your operations:

  • Reduced time needed to locate and count materials,
  • Real-time inventory tracking and traceability,
  • Reduced down-time and faster change-overs,
  • Improved quality through reporting of defects,
  • Lower costs and increased profits.


Whether you are looking for an economical bar-code system, or a powerful and cost-effective RFID system, Lion Inc.’s parts tracking experts will design and deliver the perfect solution to help you maximize your profits.


Lion Inc. has an in-house panel fabrication shop to meet our clients custom control console needs. Whether you need a single panel or multiple large consoles we have the experience and capacity to deliver. Our expert panel designers take pride in producing robust systems with intuitive control interfaces and we guaranty exacting quality and safety in production.

We monitor quality through each step of production, ensuring that individual parts meet specifications, and we conduct a comprehensive final inspection and test before delivering your panels — thus minimizing installation and start-up time.

  • UL and CE Listed Panel Design
  • Parts Specification
  • Fusing and Power Requirements
  • Three Phase 480VAC Including 60 and 50Hz Systems
  • 24VDC
  • 12VDC
  • 5VDC
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Stepper electric motor isolated on white


Your company’s automation needs may be better served by servomechanisms or stepper-based systems. A servomechanism, or servo, is an automatic device that uses negative feedback sensors to correct the performance of a mechanism. Servos are ideal for applications where high-speed, high-precision control is necessary. Stepper systems are the only motion-control method able to run using a non-feedback controller. Stepping motors are capable of performing reliable, high-precision operations without the need for a position sensor. For many applications, a stepper-based system can be an extremely cost-effective alternative to servo-based solutions.

Lion Inc. is a leader in both stepper and servo based solutions. We’ll help you identify the most suitable technologies for your automation needs. We specialize in solutions based on:

  • ABB
  • Pacific Scientific
  • Next Step Drives
  • Allen Bradley
  • SERCOS Motion Controllers
  • CTC
  • Siemens
  • Rexroth
  • Parker