Lion Inc.Programming

A server/client based ASRS management system for a large automotive OEM controls cranes, part data and peripheral equipment while also allowing users to access the data base for maintenance and status information.

When off-the-shelf software doesn’t fit the bill, we help customers create the tools they need to compete.

Far from being just “developers for hire”, our team works hand-in-hand with our customers to define software that will meet critical goals, to manage projects so that they stay focused, and to ensure that we create top-quality databases, applications, and more.

We build applications that interface with your equipment

Database interfacing is something that PLC’s can do, sure. But should they? Many times a PC based solution is better and more cost effective than a PLC based one. Sometimes a hybrid is the way to go. Lion takes these projects on a case by case basis and using its expert engineers’ council helps you determine what the best course of action is for your project.

We build applications that simulate your equipment

Sometimes it is not clear what is happening in a process. It may be to complex or simply too fast to decipher. That is what simulation is for. We build applications that mimic to be your system configured to simulate multiples scenarios so that it can be debugged, improved or modified based on empirical data rather than costly guessing.


Scenario 1: Press 1 down and weld shop down


Scenario 2: Both presses are now up after a long enough period of time to empty most carriers

We build applications that run your equipment

From test equipment to complete line control and from PC to PLC, Lion can write the controls application that will keep you moving.


Labview server/client based test application to control hydraulic servo press. Force and displacement feedback was used to determine the quality of various concrete types.


RSLogix5000 v21 Ladder logic program


Siemens TIA v12 Ladder logic program